January 20, 2020

"This company is extremely professional and pleasant to work with. They are dedicated to professionalism and providing quality work to everyone. The owner, Mark, takes pride in his work and service! Thank you, Inter-Lakes Insulation!"
April 16, 2019


"Why Referrals Matter! My brother had already contracted with a local insulation company when I took over the construction of my recent home. Fast forward one year, January 2019, I have a leak in my ceiling. Gero Plumbing and Heating, one of my contractors, came out and did an inspection. “Your issue isn’t plumbing,“ he said, “your insulation company did a poor job and your losing heat, causing ice to form." That is when I began my Google search of insulation companies who had sufficient referrals so I could make an informed decision. After a thorough search, I chose Mark from Inter-Lakes insulation. He spent well over an hour inspecting my attic and asked why I didn’t insist on the previous company re-doing the job. He was genuinely concerned that I would be paying twice for the work. My answer was simple. Since the former companies work was terrible, why would I have them back? I was also getting ready to leave for a month, so the timing was rather urgent. I always wondered why the bathroom was so cold in one section, and it turns out there was no insulation at all in one area of the room. A team of 3-4 guys worked four days in completing the work. Mark is a hands-on guy, and his team did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves. If Referrals Matters to you, then you can count on this one. If you need additional information, I have authorized Mark to give out my phone number. "
January 11, 2019

Buford M.

"They were very professional and worked hard. They also cleaned up after themselves and did a very good job."
October 11, 2018

Christina G.

"Very professional. Cleanup after completing job. Good communication."
September 5, 2017

Mike & Jill J

"Inter-Lakes Insulation is one of my sub contractors that I use frequently. They set the bar in regards to quality of work. Marks attention to detail and getting the job done under budget has always been his priority."
Inter-Lakes Insulation